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Welcome to PlagueMC

PlagueMC is a Enhanced Vanilla Minecraft Server built on top of PaperMC. PlagueMC offers a vanilla Minecraft experience with great multiplayer features.

The difficulty of the server is set to hard and players should be aware of the challenge when joining for the first time, this is to keep the game interesting for veterans and new players alike, even during end-game.

Like any online community, we have rules and by continuing to use the server - you accept these rules. These can be viewed anytime by using the /rules command or here.

Getting Started

When you first join, you will be spawned to the current world spawn platform. This is the heart of the community and you may find other players wandering around this area. When you die, you will be re-spawned here. You can quickly go back to your last position before death by using the /back command.

All of the builds in spawn, are player build (excluding the spawn platform and server shop). As a player, you are welcome to build anywhere in the spawn area but you must be mindful of other builds, and not destroy anything that doesn't belong to you.

Building within the community, isn't always everyone's cup of tea and we respect that! If you want to live on wild side, you can randomly teleport to random locations in the world using the /rtp command.

Setting up home

So you've found somewhere to call home? That's awesome! Now, you've probably found your new home using /rtp.

You can set a personal teleport to the block you're standing on using /sethome (name), and then teleport back to the block using /home (name)

Container Protection

All containers are auto-magically protected from other players accessing them, however there are instances where this is not desired. Like when you want to feed items into a chest from a hopper, or you want your friend to be able to access your chests. Below are commonly used commands and a description of what they do.

  • /cdonation - Creates a chest that can be deposited into, but only removed by player with access.
  • /cmodify <username> - Adds username to the protection.
  • /chopper - Enable or disable hoppers on a protection (disabled by default)
  • /cinfo - View info on an existing protection.
  • /unlock - Removes all protection from a block/container

  • Build Protection

    You will likely want to protect your home. Protecting your home, ensures that other players can't destroy your builds. There is no limit to how many builds you can have protected, However you will need a staff member to assist setting up the Region protection for you. This is to prevent over-claiming and to give staff members an opportunity to introduce ourselves!

    You can ask for protection, in game if there are staff members online, or on discord, in the #help channel.

    Getting around

    The world is a huge place and there's builds everywhere, Which in vanilla minecraft, would require huge complexes of netherportals or icepaths. However, on PlagueMC - There's a number of ways to get around on the server.

    Teleporting home

    We've already covered this... weren't you listening?

    You can set a personal teleport to the block you're standing on using /sethome (name), and then teleport back to the block using /home (name)

    If you've already teleported and lost your home because you didn't set a warp, don't worry - staff members can help track it down. Just ask on discord in the #help channel.

    Teleporting to other players

    You can teleport to your friends using /tpa <username> or you can ask them to teleport to you using /tpahere <username>. Running either command, requires the other person to accept your request using /tpaccept

    Teleporting to server buildings

    There's a collection of unique buildings added to the /warp list. These range from xp grinders to notable player builds and everything in between!

    To teleport to a build, use /warp <warp-name>

    Making and Spending money


    There's a number of quests, that are given out by a couple of npcs in the /spawn area. You can try track them down or use /quest - to see what's available. Most of the quests are repeatable daily, So keep checking back occasionally


    Creating a shop is super easy thanks to this plugin.

    All you need to do, to get started is:

    1. Place Down a chest
    2. Place a sign on the chest (Shift and Right Click with a sign in your hand)
    3. Use one of the signs below, as a template for the sign
    4. Punch the sign with the item(s) you're selling/buying/bartering!

    Sell items to others

    line 1: always [shop]
    line 2: Quantity of items
    line 3: Price per Quantity
    line 4: sell (for selling shops)

    Buy items from others

    line 1: always [shop]
    line 2: Quantity of items
    line 3: Price per Quantity
    line 4: buy (for buying shops)

    Barter items with others

    line 1: always [shop]
    line 2: Quantity of items
    line 3: Price per Quantity
    line 4: barter (for bartering shops)


    You can earn £10* for voting for us on your favourite minecraft website. We currently have 7 providers programmed to work with the server, they are listed below:

    There is a 25% chance of winning 4 Diamonds and £500* on every 7th vote!

    *in game currency - not real money.